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Thanks for stopping by to check out my portfolio section. Primarily focused on my toy career and doll design. I worked at Mattel Inc. since 1998 until 2015.

I’ve created & collaborated on a large number of dolls and other toy projects at Mattel…most I can’t share, but I will share what has been produced and sold.

Stay tuned for my sub-categories on ART, SKETCHBOOK, & DESIGN, where I will eventually fill up with some of my original work. Coming soon!


Career Overview

?Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in DTLA with a Fashion Design degree in 1997.

?I received the Nolan Miller scholarship to participate in FIDM’s Fashion Show (Debut ’98) in March 1998 to showcase my student fashion collection.

?Joined Mattel in April 1998 as a temp Assistant Designer, not realizing at the time it would be a dream job for many years to come.

?Worked as Designer, Sr. Designer, Manager, Sr. Manager, all the way to Creative Director for Barbie.

?I led a design team (from toy/fashion designers, graphics designers, model makers, sample makers, & development/production designers) to create / design / consult  on Barbie’s toy line, online presence (website & social media, like Barbie’s Instagram), helped art direct some of Barbie’s animated movies, gaming, & consulted on some consumer products, plus much more.

?Worked & designed numerous popular doll products including Barbie’s fashion mainline dolls, Barbie’s sisters & friends, Ken, Beauty Cuties, Shakira doll, Mary Kate & Ashley dolls, My Scene Barbie, Monster High.

?Designed the current sculpt (head & body) of the Ken doll that is on toy shelves now.

?I had the pleasure of creating an original doll line for Mattel, called MyScene Barbie, that ran over 7 years. It was a big success, especially in Mexico.

?Because of MyScene, I also got the chance to be a guest judge on an episode of Project Runway, called All Dolled Up. (Season 2/Episode 3)

?I designed the doll sculpts (head & body) for the 5 original Monster High dolls based off a story idea from other Mattel designers. MH became a super hit & #2 fashion doll after Barbie.

?Collaborated with Stardoll.com to help design the Stardoll by: Barbie doll line for Mattel.

?I’ve had the honor of receiving numerous recognitions & accolades during my tenure at Mattel, including the Elliot Handler Award for Excellence in Design, a  nomination from Women in Toys 2012 for Best Designer, & received a 2012 Barbie Award for my contributions in toy design for inspiring girls to believe anything is possible, given by Mattel Mexico.


After all that & the opportunity to travel the world…from Tokyo to Sweden….Paris, New York, Canada, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, UK & all over the States, (too bad Instagram didn’t exist back then!)
….I decided to leave my unique corporate job in early 2015 to focus my energy on motherhood & being a hands-on creative.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of my past work and I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to create & collaborate with the most amazing, talented, & dedicated people at Mattel. This very impressive toy company has truly become an amazing platform for me to live the American dream. The experiences, opportunities and lessons I’ve learned from such a huge corporation, have helped me be the professional I am today and I am so grateful. ?

I’m ready & available to collaborate or partner with you on different creative projects. If you are interested in working with me, please click this CONTACT link.


Look forward to hearing from you!