Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Lily Martinez & I’m SO excited to finally share this space with you! I’m a mom of 4, creative problem-solver, designer & illustrator, that loves all things pretty, colorful, feminine, imperfect, handmade, & yummy. Now that I have this site I can share all those passions with you!

I recently left an amazing & unique corporate job as Creative Director for Barbie (yes! the iconic doll you and I played with as kids!), this after working in the toy industry for close to 17 years! I decided to follow my heart by spending more quality time with my kids and explore a more hands-on creative lifestyle (I love to make things, as you will see). My Instagram friends also really encouraged me & many asked if I had a site so they could check out in more detail the things I would post about on Instagram, like party projects, pancakes, how-to’s, fashion, etc. . .so what better way to do both, do what I love & share it! I always love to inspire people and share positive energy, having this space will allow me to do both & be flexible with mommy time! I just couldn’t be more happy to be living my dream of being a stay-at-home mom and doing what I love to do…create!




It’s no secret to my Instagram followers I love my City of Angels: Los Angeles, in beautiful California! It’s such a big part of me! (hence my IG name “lilylove213”- 213 is L.A.’s area code). I’m a Los Angeles native from Mexico, who loves the city life and L.A. vibes! My Mexican culture is super important to me and I hold it dear to my heart, because it influences me creatively with my lifestyle and my traditions. Thats why I love living in L.A., there is a great sense of my culture here, but also other cultures from around the world! Being exposed and inspired by other cultures all in one city is awesome! I just love that about L.A.! I look forward to sharing posts about this cool city I call home & the fun things you can do here, even with a family of 6 like mine!…plus maybe share some secret spots that only locals know! L.A. city life, my life. I LOVE L.A.




So this journey of mine wouldn’t be so, if it weren’t for my sweetest husband of 14 years Mucio (you pronounce it Moo-cee-Oh). Well – – – M u c i o is amazing!  We’ve actually known each other for 17 years and it only keeps getting better! Again, those that follow me on IG know how much I love this fella and how he is just simply my bestest friend, my soul mate, my love.

Not only is he my biggest supporter in any crazy idea I might have, like a last minute road-trip, yet another home improvement project, latest food cravings, or chasing sunsets… the list goes on and on…and on, he is always happy to make it happen..I’m truly lucky! When I was doing my corporate gig, his support was beyond anything I could of asked for. After our first son was born he became a modern day stay-at-home dad and now, for over 10 years! He is just the best dad, husband, son, brother, friend. I think he is a great human being and I get to call him my husband. Absolutely everything I do, and I mean everything I do is only possible because of him. We are a unit, a team…and I love him so much. . . with his help, you will see the fun stuff we will share with you!




Here we are, as I like to call us “my little-big family”. Lucky me, I met someone that had the same family goals as I did! We both come from a family of 6 and its what we know and are comfortable with. I love my siblings and I know I can count on them unconditionally, my husband feels the same way about his. We both wanted to give our kids what we have: brother/sisterhood.

We are just beyond happy we were blessed with 4 healthy and amazing little souls that keep us on our toes & makes us better people. Family is at the core of everything we do and my goal is to share with you how we manage to (sorta) keep it all together while raising our little-big family. Mainly with lots of fun, love, and patience!

My family is so precious to us and is the driving force & inspiration to everything I do! This site will definitely be family friendly!



the KiDS

My pride & joy. My  e v e r y t h i n g. Meet, Diego(11), Adrian(9)(a.k.a. AC), Noah(7), and Selina(2)(a.k.a. SeliBeli)….plus our 2 family dogs, Boots & Betty.

I just can’t say enough about these little kiddos. Life with this bunch is SO much fun & crazy hectic! I’m learning so much about myself being a mom of these 4 kids that are each going thru different stages of development.

Before I even knew how to draw (which I love & knew very early on I wanted to do something with art when I grew up)… I knew I wanted to be a mommy. That is truly a dream come true for me, a calling really, something I cherish so much, motherhood. The bond of a mother & her children is something that is beyond words. I’m still learning to be the best mom for them. Luckily, I have amazing role models in my mom and my husband’s mom. The unselfish nature of these two women is so inspiring and its an honor to be influenced by them. So, all that great energy I want to wrap it into fun things to do, make, and eat for my kids, to make memories & traditions…and now, also share them with you! You will see my kiddos pop in & out of my posts, and most likely get a flavor of their quirky, fun, sassy, and adorable personalities, that’s for sure!




I needed a whole paragraph just for this little one. Also for the record, she is not my favorite kid…a mother doesn’t have favorites, (moms can back me up on this one). She is however, the baby of the bunch, my last child and a girl!! …She is not my favorite, but she is my muse.

You see once you start to get to know me thru this site you will understand the nature of all things pretty that I love. I’m a girly girl. As girly as they come…I love clothes, shoes, make-up hair, bows, hearts, lace & anything feminine, I mean I worked for the ultimate girl’s doll for so many years, Barbie! Yet, I had no girl of my own for so long.

I marry a man’s man…we have a son…then, another son….then, another son!…even our only dog at that point was a boy! The odds were not in my favor. My whole house was full of boys! I mean for the longest I was the only girl in the house, I LOVE my boys SO much, don’t get me wrong.….but we all wanted a little girl in the house. Then Selina Millierose showed up!! It was truly a game changer for the dynamic of our family. The boys love her just as much & she is so lucky to have 3 big brothers to protect her and take care of her…and yes, annoy her too. lol

She is a great source of inspiration for me now (hello, tea parties!) to share with you on the site. Now I have the best of both worlds, my little men and my little lady. I just love it! <3



That was is just a little bit about my family and me. Please know that my goal for this site is to inspire you and maybe shed some light on how a mom of 4 tries to keeps it together (because I really don’t have it together, but everyday I try). I know its not easy keeping up with the always semi-clean house, messy dogs, energetic kiddos, love-life w/my husband, myself & my hobbies, not to mention trying to give my kids balanced meals or managing their routines that are far from perfect… but know that I try. Everyday that I’m blessed with life, I will try. Not necessarly to be perfect, but to be fun & to show them how much I love & respect them. So I continue to try, I will always try. And I want you to try. I want to inspire you to try 🙂

To my Instagram followers that have showed me so much love, T h a n k  Y o u  for all the wonderful comments you leave me, I’m so appreciative and grateful for them. Keep them coming, I love to hear about things you want me to post about & are interested in seeing.

Also know that Instagram or this site is just a glossy version of my life. Having 4 kids is not always so glossy, it’s more like so messy! But the experience with my 4 kids has taught me to just “let – it – go”…just let things go & everything will be okay. I don’t want mommas out there to measure themselves if they are doing a good job or not, based on other people’s Instagram accounts or sites. Social media has made it easier for all of us to take a peek at other people’s lives, but its not always what you see. As I type this, my hair is in a bun, no make-up, eating leftovers, Seli is napping, boys playing video games and my husband is somewhere in the house…not all that exciting and glossy. But its real life & I love it. Enjoy your life with your loved ones, every minute & every sec.

Thats all we ever truly have. . . All of life’s little moments. Cherish them & Celebrate them!