Why The Beautiful Circus. . .

The reason I named my site “The Beautiful Circus” is because to me, a circus can be described as a bit chaotic and crazy, with a lot going on during a performance and even more backstage. A circus is always full of color, with unique costumes, delicious foods, and amazing acts… they really do include something for just about everyone.

But none of it really can happen without proper planning and choreographing ahead of time, so when showtime arrives, the audience gets to experience a beautifully orchestrated performance of artists, acrobats, clowns, animal acts and more, because they function as a family to make it all happen.

Feels & sounds like what my life is like with 4 kids, a husband, two dogs, a big house, daily chores, endless meals to prepare, my love affair with fashion and a constant need to feed my creative soul… it truly is a CiRCUS!….but a really beautiful one, that is filled with fun, love and patience. Hence the name…The Beautiful Circus!

Having this site will allow me to share with you how I keep my juggling act going! With so much always happening in all of our lives, my goal is to inspire you to celebrate as many big & small milestones as possible in your life with your loved ones. With a little bit of fun, color, creativity & love, we can make it happen!
Below you can see some of what you will be able to find on this site and to learn more about me, click on the my Hello picture on the home page. I look forward to hearing your feedback & adjusting the content. Be patient & bare with me, as I learn to navigate the ins & outs of starting a site, photography & content writing. Wish me luck!!

Here we go!! Welcome! …Welcome to my Circus!

The Beautiful Circus 




Fashion Life

There is absolutely no secret, I L O V E fashion. Ever since I can remember its been a family thing! My mom has always loved fashion too & even now she is always so stylish, she owns a little thrift/vintage shop in L.A. My dad is a professional tailor & wears the most elegant English suits, my brother Jose, always so chill with his hipster-artsy Echo Park vibe, my sister Ari, is the most coordinated and effortlessly chicest of us all, and last but not least my little sister Julie, the coolest laid-back trendsetting Cali style influencer out there! Then there is me…like the name of my site, my style is all over the place, like a circus! I love color, mixing prints whenever possible, and I embrace almost every single fashion genre! But there is some rhyme & reason to my madness…whatever it is I wear; a tomboy look, edgy & pretty, glam, business casual, athletic..etc. it must have these filters: fit my body type, be comfortable, affordable, feminine and age appropriate. I’m a mom of 4 after all, gotta keep it classy & reasonably priced! Clearly I love fashion, so I hope I can inspire you with some fashion ideas and help answer some fashion dilemmas you might have.




Hair & Beauty

I’ve also had a love affair with make-up & hair. For make-up, I love testing new products & when I find ones that I love-love, I’m loyal forever and ever (or until they discontinue it! lol) I will get to share my beauty routine, skin care regimen & how to’s. Plus I love dressing up for Halloween and the make-up & hair is the funnest part of putting the costume together! Speaking of hair, I will finally share how I curl my hair, for all of the many lovely people that follow me on Instagram that have asked me. I didn’t think a 15 sec. clip on IG could explain correctly how I do it. I look forward to sharing that info soon! And btw, yes, I wear clip-on hair extentions 🙂 I do have long hair, but an inch or two of longer and fuller hair didn’t hurt anyone, right? Anyway, just keeping it real 🙂 I look forward to sharing my hair inspiration, fave products and how to’s!




Seli & Lily

You will definitely see some fun posts on my baby girl & I. (the boys too, but mostly this little one) She is my little muse & the house princess! I just have to – have to share our mom & daughter fashion moments…or just SeliBeli moments 🙂




Endless Meals

Being the mom of 3 fast growing boys and one picky eating toddler…trust me when I tell you my life practically revolves around food and what they are eating next. Like any mom, I want my kids to eat healthy and have a well balanced meal every single day. But I’m also a realistic mom, and time (or lack of time) dictates what the next meal will actually be! With that said, I try my best to make easy and healthy meals for them as often as I can. I will share how I go about doing that and making food look fun helps a lot! But I also like to share food that tastes so darn good, you know the type that counting calories goes out the window with these dishes (especially cooking Mexican food or adding my favorite…bacon!). I always say, “as long as it’s a small portion, you should be fine” 😉





If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a knack for pancake-art making. Funny thing is, I don’t eat as many pancakes as you would think, but I sure do love making them! I’m still refining my pancake-art skills, nonetheless I look forward to sharing my pancake d.i.y.’s! It’s really a fun & yummy form of culinary expression, that says “l-love-you-so-much-look-what-I-made-for-you!!”. Lets make some and start a new tradition with your little ones or your loved ones! They will love it I promise!




Cake Cake Cake

While in high school, I explored two career paths… Fashion Designer & Pastry Chef. I ended up with a Fashion Design degree a few years later, because I chickened out on being a Pastry Chef when I found out its hot in the kitchen, you might get burned or cut, and the clothes aren’t that cute. Keep in mind, I was a 17 year old teenager with this thought process! Of course, fast forward to now, and I’m no-where near being a Pastry Chef, but my love for beautiful & sweet yummy desserts is still there. Now I get to share my take on creating fun & yummy cakes for your loved ones! Remember, there is always room for dessert!





And with cakes, you of course are celebrating something, right!? I love themed celebrations & of course any holiday. I will show you some fun table settings, party decor & unique themes to inspire you on your next partay!




I Heart Home

My little nest. We own a 100+ year old 2-story Victorian house here in L.A. And yes, you guessed it! We are always doing some kind of home improvement project! Will be sharing big and small house projects as often as I can…Mucio-the-Builder (my husband) takes a little while to complete each project. (I say it with love & patience of course) So will see how this category fairs out in the site! lol!





I call myself “The Creative Problem-Solver”! …but everyone else calls me crazy, mostly my sisters & husband. LOL! No but seriously, I love to craft, diy, and basically solve any creative challenge we might have. I give a huge kudos to the veteran craftistas out there doing there thing! Its really inspiring to see all the diy’ers create on Pinterest and their respectable sites & blogs. Looking forward to throwing my point of view in the mix and bring you something fun, special, and hopefully easy to make!





Lastly, I’m excited to have my own site to share my art & my passion for illustrating. I mostly illustrate pretty things, cute characters, fashion and girls. Drawing is really what makes me the most happy and relaxed of all my hobbies. I can doodle all day if I could. The kids join me a lot of the time and we can just create art all afternoon sometimes. So if someone, somewhere out there in the world wide web is hiring a permanent doodler that you need them to doodle all day, I’m your gal! Hey, I gotta throw it out there, one can daydream! 😉 No, but seriously, lets collaborate! More on my art/design in the portfolio tab on the main menu. I hope to fill it up with a bunch of pretty eye candy. I will have some of my art for sale at some point, so you can hang in the kids room or a super girly space. Hope you enjoy it!



Lastly, please send me ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see in my site. I’m open to challenges! And might even feature you on my Ask Lily section!  I look forward to the feedback and interaction with you, because my goal is to make this a great site for you to be inspired, share some fun ideas with your loved ones and start new traditions.

And like I said at the top of this page, please bare with me on any glitches & such that might happen along the way. I’m discovering things along the way too. Which makes me excited & nervous all wraped up into one! I think thats a good thing!


C H E E R S  to celebrating all of life’s little & big moments!!